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About Us

Hydroconstructions Ltd. is a company specialized in the production and construction of water supply and sewerage facilities and systems. In the product range includes products such as:

  • Polyethylene pipes and polypropylene pipes
  • Shafts
  • SANITATION Ø110 – Ø2000
  • WATER AND GAS Ø25 – Ø800


Despite the early start of the company, hydro inherits the long experience of the engineering team of company NEW PLAST. Quality of the products is guaranteed and proven in long-standing employees.


Hydroconstructions Ltd. has a well-developed manufacturing base in the city. Sofia, which employs trained and experienced team of professionals and workers. Production shall comply with all regulatory requirements and quality control. The company has test reports in accordance with BS EN 13598-2: 2009 and BTO № 33-01 / 2013, issued by the Research Institute of Building Materials.


Capacity of the company’s work allows the execution of large volumes of orders that can be implemented in the short term. In the production of this particular matter often apply innovative approaches that save customers additional costs.